New Life Community Church is committed to serve Christ by reaching locally and across the world, in order to bring help and hope to people in need. Our goal is to see a global family of Foursquare churches, leaders and missionaries who, as fully devoted followers of Christ, are healthy, growing and making disciples within their respective communities. Therefore, we will deploy a team to Haiti by the end of this year to help us accomplish this goal. Our emphasis in serving the Haitian community primarily focuses on providing medical and infrastructural support, as we have identified these areas as being a much needed crucial necessity within their country.



To accomplish our goal for this year's trip, we have partnered with Among The Reeds, which is a non-profit organization committed in building up God loving communities in Haiti. As such, we are looking for volunteers who have medical and/ or a construction skill set, as these talents will greatly assist us in our goal. Your willingness to answer Jesus’ call to “go into all the world...” helps fulfill this mission. And in doing so, our Church may have started in the U.S., but our Church family has grown far beyond the U.S. border. If you are interested in attending this mission trip, please fill out the following questionnaire and we will be in contact shortly. 


We would love for everyone to participate and partner with us through prayer, and in providing gifts for this mission trip. Your prayers and gifts will greatly assist us in providing the adequate Spiritual strength, care and needs our Haitian brother's and sister's require. Below is a list of items you can donate, as well as a button where you can provide a financial gift. Please bring your donation to the Church office during regular business hours and ask for Pastor Andrew Carroll or Rey Parra.  

You can reach us at (805) 983-1890 ext. 102. 

Items Needed:

  • 'Over the counter' Medication's (generic or name brand), in various dosages for adults and children:

    • Imodium

    • Benadryl

    • Claritin

    • Lubricant Eye drops

    • Pepto-Bismol

    • Rolaids

    • Tums

    • Nasal Saline drops

    • Tylenol

    • Asprin

    • Ibuprofen

    • Cough drops

    • Robitussin

    • Clotrimazole Cream

    • Hydrocortisone Cream

    • Lotrimin Ultra 1%

    • Permethrin 5% Cream

    • Multi-vitamin's and Minerals (Non gummies as they will melt)


  • Feminine Hygiene and care products:

    • Miconazole cream

    • Tampons and Pads


  • Minor first-aid products:

    • Bandaids

    • Various bandages

    • Neosporin


  • Children's Shoes


Any financial contributions would be greatly appreciated, as it will further help the Haitian pastors we work closely with. Click on the button below if you would like to make a financial contribution.