A place where everyone is invited to explore God’s Word and experience God’s Will. 

Everyone is Invited:  The New Life Institute isn’t for people who love school; it’s for people who love Jesus.

Exploring God’s Word: The Bible doesn’t have to be unfamiliar.  You can know God’s Word, and through His Word, know Him. 

Experiencing God’s Will: We want to experience God’s will transform our lives, and through our lives, become agents of His will to transform the world in which we live.  

Prospective Students

Who is the New Life Institute for?

Have you ever read the bible and felt it didn’t make sense?

Have you wanted to learn more but never had the time or money to go to school?

Have you ever wanted to explore deeper topics about God, the Bible, and the Christian Life but because of financial, family, or work commitments you couldn’t?

Have you felt a sense that God has more for you but didn’t know what the next step was?

If so, we believe the New Life Institute is right for you. 

What we believe…

  • We believe the Bible doesn’t have to be unfamiliar.

  • We believe that the busyness of life doesn’t have to keep you from the life God has for you.

  • We believe that learning about the Bible isn’t only for those who love school, but for all of us who love Jesus.

  • We believe that high quality biblical education should be available for everyone.

  • We believe that your previous education level doesn’t prevent you from experiencing the fullness of wonder God has for you.

  • We believe that God’s Will isn’t simply something we learn and explain but rather, it is something we can experience and live.



The goal is ministry training and certification rather than a focus on degree completion.  The New Life Institute is a non-accredited Institution so that we are free from any outside restrictions or requirements that would become a potential obstacle in providing specific tailored biblical training that is consistent with the vision and direction of New Life Community Church.

Online Element

The New Life Institute will be using the online platform Populi to help facilitate classes.  This will enhance the learning environment by allowing students to view the class lecture online, continue class discussions throughout the week, explore additional resources online, and much more. 


NLI – March 19, 2019 – May 22, 2019 


Cost: $15 for the application registration fee and $55 for the class and tech fee.

Ephesians (A Brand New Class)

The book of Ephesians is one of the richest and most profound books of the New Testament.  This class will be a chapter-by-chapter verse-by-verse study through this amazing letter. The message of Ephesians describes the wealth of blessing we have as believers, how christians are called to walk out their faith, and the warfare the followers of Christ must engage in.  Have you noticed how sometimes you have a story in the back of your mind that keeps coming up, even when you're talking about something else? In Ephesians, throughout its worship, prayers and instructions for living, Paul can't contain his joy and amazement at the larger story of God's plan to save us in Jesus the Messiah. This class will help students see the significance of our role in God’s grand plan, and encourage us to live more fully as people who are lavishly loved by God.

Join us as we explore the amazing letter of Ephesians.  


Emotionally Healthy Relationship Course  (A Brand New Class)

Emotionally Healthy Relationships - teaches 8 practical skills to empower people to love and relate to one another in a way that builds unity in your lives. It’s very practical including things like sentence stems you can use to start a difficult conversation with someone. The result is relationships where conflicts aren’t just IGNORED but are actually RESOLVED. The Emotionally Healthy Relationship Course is a class that Pete and Geri Scazerro offer in their Emotionally Healthy Disciple Course. The first class is called Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and that class is offered as our Training for Life level 3 class.  Once students have completed that class we invite them to take the Emotionally Healthy Relationship Course. The foundational biblical teaching of each session is explained, the session skill is demonstrated and time is allotted for group study, discussion, and practicing the skill with the group.  

If you have a desire to love people in a way that honors God and learn practical skills to help you live an emotionally healthy life, then this class is for you!


Exploring the Bible

Have you ever read the Bible and didn’t know what was going on?  Have you ever heard someone share about the Bible and thought, “how did they learn that?” Do you desire to have a greater understanding of God’s Word? If so, then we encourage you to take our class, How To Study The Bible.

This class is designed to help people study the bible. Specifically, it is an introduction to the Inductive Bible Study Method. In this class, students will learn the steps of observation, interpretation, and application and begin to apply these steps to biblical passages. Students will be introduced to different resources that will help them as they grow in their understanding of the bible. Upon completion of this class, students will have a step-by-step approach to bible study that they can apply to any Biblical passage.