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For those of you who have completed Training for Life Levels 1-3, we want to invite you to continue growing deeper in your faith by participating in the New Life Institute. The mission of the New Life Institute is to make disciples by helping people discover how to follow Jesus through understanding the Bible, practically living out God’s Word, and advancing the Kingdom of God through multiplying disciples. We will have four basic types of classes that are designed to help people grow in their walk with Jesus and live out the call of God upon their life. 



8 WEEKS - $50
Monday Nights at 6:30pm


The first five books of the Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) make up what we call the Pentateuch.  For some, the thought of reading these books might seem challenging or difficult, causing people to wonder, “how do these books help me live in this world the way God wants me to?”  However, this couldn’t be father from the truth. 

The Pentateuch is absolutely crucial for helping us understand who God is and how God wants us to live. This course will give an overview of the Pentateuch looking closely at the major events, key ideas, and theological themes that are woven together through the stories in these books.  This course will not only give an overview of each book but also explore how each of these books work together to build a worldview that will help you understand God’s purpose and humanity’s place in the world.  Don’t struggle through these books anymore, sign up for this class and discover the beautiful revelation of God found within its pages.

Spiritual Leadership

8 Weeks - $50 Plus Books
Monday Nights at 6:30pm


Do you have an idea of what it takes to be an effective leader? Would you like an opportunity to look at Jesus’ example of being a servant leader? This course takes a practical and biblical look at leadership principles and how to care for others. This course will cover everything from your personal attitude to how to clarify the nature of God’s calling and purpose for your life.  

Leadership is essential to stewarding the life God has given you.  So whether you have a desire for greater influence within your family, work place, volunteer role, or in living out God’s plan for your life, we encourage you to take this class.