Life group leaders do three things for the people they serve.  They care for the people, help coach the people, and connect the people in their group to other areas of New Life Community Church. 

Caring: It is so important for Life Group leaders to be present and actively showing care for the people in their group.  This happens between meetings as the leader is praying for the people in their group, calling and connecting with the people in their group, and looking for ways to be a visible representation of God’s grace to those individuals. 

Coaching: Two questions every Life Group Leader should be asking the people in their group is 1) What is God doing in your life? And 2) How can you be a part of it? The goal of coaching isn’t telling people what decisions they need to make in their life but rather teaching individuals to ask the right questions as they pursue a desire to live out God’s will for their lives.  This happens both in the life group meetings as they encourage people and outside of the meetings as they are sharing life with those in their community.

Connecting: One of the key components of being a Life Group Leader is connecting the people in your group with the life of the church.  As a life group leader you will looking for ways to connect the people in your group to discipleship classes and serving opportunities.  One of our values is that programs don’t disciple people, people disciple people. Because that is true it is so important for Life Group Leaders to connect the people in their group to other individuals rather than simple suggesting they sign up for a program.  This level of care in connecting people will help ensure that no one falls through the cracks. This will happens outside of the meetings.



A life group leader is a year-long commitment.  Every year there are three sessions of Life Groups that take place: a fall session, spring session, and a summer session.   The detailed seasons of the 2019-2020 sessions of Life Groups will be coming soon.



This volunteer manual communicates the values and principals that guide and shape the Life Group ministry here at New Life Community Church. Please download a copy and become familiar with it.



Life group attendance is important because every person matters.  Our heart is that everyone is cared for and connected to one another.  Please complete the attendance form after every meeting.